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Welcome to Zeus the Malamute, a unique blog here for you to explore life in the city with a big dog. Zeus has added such happiness and value to my life. I'd love to share our adventures and thoughts with you all. Enjoy!

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Who is Zeus the Malamute?

Hello everyone, thanks for visiting our blog. This is our very first post so we wanted to take some time and talk about the purpose of this blog and how it came about.

Firstly, who is Zeus?

He is a 2 year old Alaskan Malamute (we think) originally from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. I came across him when I was living out there and just couldn't leave him behind upon my return! When he came into my life he had no background, no papers and no indication of his history or parentage. Just a small fluffy dog that was most definitely too young to be away from his mother and out of his depth being a snowdog in the hot tropics of Vietnam.

Puppy Zeus and his favourite Olaf blanket (we still have him!)

After a very time consuming and expensive process he finally joined me in the UK where he has been living his best life as a full-time office dog and part-time tourist attraction in Central London.

Where is he now you ask? He's currently snoozing in his bed surrounded by all of his favourite toys in our London apartment as I'm typing away. Definitely an improvement from the life he would've had if I had left him in Vietnam.

Many people ask me how do I cope with such a large dog in such a busy city? This is something we'll cover in this blog. It will not only be a diary of our doggy adventures but tips and tricks for other big dog owners trying to navigate their big dogs in the big city.

Many thanks!

Christina & Zeus


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